Coffee Chat

Seattle Met on Cafe Cesura

‘Proof positive that Bellevue is now an urban center, Café Cesura of the soaring ceilings and minimalist embellishments and aubergine walls looks plucked whole out of Pike/Pine.‘

Ashwood Park

The Ashwood Plaza and Playfield, are just across the street from Cafe Cesura. Plenty of Parking and green for you and the kiddos to play.

Bellevue Survey

The City of Bellevue has committed to having 0 traffic related deaths by 2030. Help our community reach that goal by sharing your ideas with the City. Thanks coffee friend! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VisionZeroBellevue

Best Alternative Milk

Have you fallen for a non-dairy milk in your daily latte? You’re not the only one, and there is some compelling environmental data that might encourage you to try a Vegan Milk option. OATLY has been in short supply recently not Just in Bellevue WA, nationally, but as soon as their new production facility is up