Bellevue Coffee Shop Wifi

You have a laptop and you need to get work done on the go. Here at Cafe Cesura, we serve amazing single origin coffee, and have extremely fast WIFI, especially when you compare our blazing fast connection from WAVE Broadband with a few of our competitors.

Our wifi will come in around 60 Mbps, while similar coffee shops in the Downtown Bellevue area offer much slower, practically non-working speeds. So grab your satchel, and come on over to get some good work done, on good wifi, and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Oh, and here's the official challenge: Show me anyone who has faster Wifi at a coffee shop in Bellevue than Cafe Cesura.

Cafe Cesura Coffee Shop


COMCAST has non-compete agreements in place with ASHTON and TEN20 to keep you from getting the best

Cafe Cesura Knows Remote Workers

Cafe Cesura hosts hundreds of remote workers on a weekly basis. We try to create an environment that allows for a social community, while maintaining a focused work space.

Cafe Cesura Wifi Speed

Our gigabit connection is generously provided by WAVE BROADBAND. Unfortunately, COMCAST has a non-compete in place with several residential buildings in Downtown Bellevue, so WAVE is not able to directly market to potential customers in both the ASHTON and TEN20 building.

Bellden Wifi Speed

We love our other independent coffee shop friends here in Bellevue, but check out those speeds.